Our Story

Pioneering Solution for Oil, Gas & Renewable Project

We are a local company with a competent & experienced team, offering diversified solutions to fulfil a wide range of clients needs from local to abroad. The services include mechanical piping work, vessel, quick opening closures to all field instrumentation plus safety equipment.
Welding Technologies & Capabilities

All our skilled welders are trained and qualified for ranges of welding processes and are experienced in a wide range of material weldings:

- Austenitic Steel: SS304, SS316, SS317, SS904
- Duplex Steel: SAF2205 (UNS 31803)
- Super Duplex Steel: SAF2507 (UNS 32750)
- Titanium B381 G-2
- Martensitic Ferritic Steel: SS410
- Nickel Alloy: Monel 400, Hastelloy C22, Inconel 625, CUNI 90/10
- Low Alloy Steel: A333 Gr.6, A350 LF2, A335- P5, P11, P22
- Carbon Steel: A36, A516 Gr.70, A106 Gr.B, A105N, etc.
Applicable Codes & Standards
Pressure Vessel, Tank & Structure

• Off-Shore Containers - DNV 2.7-1 & EN12079
• Off-Shore Structures - API RP2A-WSD, ASME BPVC - 'U' - STAMP, ASME BPVC - 'U2' - STAMP, ASME BPVC - 'S' - STAMP, NB - 'R' - STAMP
• Storage Tank - API 65
• Others - AISC 360, BS5950

Arc Welding Process

• Gas Tungsten Ard Welding (GTAW)
• Shield Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
• Submerged Ard Welding (SAW)
• Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
• Semi-auto overlay welding / cladding

Food Process Surface Finish

• < 0.8 µm Ra(Max) surface polishing / finish
Gas & Liquid Metering / Regulating

AGA (American Gas Association)
AGA 3 - Orifice Metering of Natural Gas and Other Related Hydrocarbon Fluids
AGA 7 - Measurement of Natural Gas by Turbine Meters
AGA 8 - Compressibility and super compressibility for natural gas & other hydrocarbon gases
AGA 9 - Measurement of Gas by Multipath Ultrasonic Meters
AGA 11 - Measurement of Natural Gas by Coriolis Meters

API (American Petroleum Institute)
API MPMS Ch 5 - Metering
API MPMS Ch 6 - Metering Assemblies
API MPMS Ch 14 - Natural Gas Fluids Measurement
API RP 551 - Process Measurement
API Std 521 - Pressure-relieving and Depressurizing Systems

Technical & Engineering Capability

• HYSYS, AutoCAD Plant 3D, StaadPro and CAESER II for common process skid packages. SOLIDWorks and ANSYS for Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis
• Comprehensive detail engineering analysis, i.e. process, mechanical, piping, structural, electrical & instrumentation
• Preparation of mechanical design and drawings based on API 650 and with good engineering practice
• To prepare structural design including PE review